With all the hype going on for the Revo ACU British Motocross championship this weekend, it’s been hard to see if any other events are happening. Crisolles in France, is hosting a one day event featuring some big MXGP names.

A facebook live stream will be following some of the big names below this weekend, which you can watch on the link HERE.

The entry lists are below:

4Arnaud Tonus
7Arminas Jasikonis
10Calvin Vlaanderen
12Alexis Labbe
14Jed Beaton
15Paul Brunet
16Benoit Paturel
17Scott Verhoeven
19Thomas Kjer Olsen
20Victorien Ozoijf
22Kevin Strijbos
29Henry Jacobi
32Yvann Guillomy
35Andrea Bonacorsi
74Kay De Wolf
91Jeremy Seewer
93Jago Geerts
100Scotty Verhaeghe
133Enzo LeFebvre
134Chad De Clercq
145Pascal Jungmann
152Petar Petrov
161Mike Bormas
199Thibault Benistant
200Lucas Diserens
201Maxime Grau
223Alexandre Viltaro
239Florian Lion
259Glenn Coldenhoff
268Thibault Maupin
321Brent Van Doninck
345Fabian Kling
403Bastian Boghdamm
446Adrien Petit
456Lenny Alleaume
460Lucas Adam
467Mathijs Adam
484Dave Kookier
563Wesley Dieudonne
811Alexandre Decayeux
818Jeremy Hauquier
906Sebastien Perez
951Gautier Devaux
959Maxime Renaux
991Nathan Watson