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If you are into dirt bike racing, you know that the environmental mats are obligatory for all riders visiting the track, as authorized by The World Motorcycle Organization (FIM), which has become more ecologically aware over the years. The 24MX environmental carpet meets all FIM regulations for both MX and Enduro.
But the “competition scenario” is not the only reason to get one.

No more mess!


The 24MX pit mat provides a stable place for your stand and absorbs more than one litre of oil, leaving your garage or the racing track spotless. No more dripping grease, chain spray or fuel stains. So you can effortlessly avoid the mess in your garage while working on your bike. And if you want to make a statement with your brand-new vehicle, there is no better way to present it in the pit than to place it on a cool-looking environmental rug!

The 24MX pit mat is 200 cm long and 100 cm wide – measurements that will fit any bike; it has a thick rubberized backside that keeps the mat stable on any surface and comes in 4 different colours: red, grey, blue and orange!

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