Europe’s biggest e-shop for MX and Enduro riders decided that when the temperature goes up, the prices need to go down. Balancing is important not only while riding a motorbike.

For the next month, starting 24th of June, the shop will offer a wide selection of various special offers. This year’s Summer Sale will start strong with a 15% off sitewide discount for everyone making a purchase for over 150 EUR.  Some exclusions apply, because even low prices have their limits.

And of course, that is only the beginning of the offerings they will be having through that time.

Expect a wide selection of limited time deals, both for new articles, limited edition gear and evergreen bestsellers. Plan some time for browsing during the weekend to not miss out the deals which will be valid only during that time. Check out the website frequently because the discounts might be so HOT, that the stock might melt in mere hours.

It would be a shame to miss out the chance to buy that new paddock stand, enviromental mat or helmet for some loose changes you got left over after buying groceries.

Last, but not least: one big sale does not give 24MX a leave of absence from their monthly Mega Campaigns. One of their bestselling articles will get a very special price when the change from the current offer for the 104 pieces Socket Set changes.

As you can see, this is not your typical sale – be sure to check it out, while it’s happening!