Former British motocross number one and world number four, Tru7 Group Honda rider Jake Nicholls,  has joined the expanding list of top athletes  for next year’s Arenacross series.

Nicholls retired from motocross racing earlier this year, after a professional career that started in 2007, to focus his efforts on the family business Tru7 Group as Managing Director.

However, racing has always been in his blood and once he heard about the plans for the all-British Arenacross, he dusted off his race boots and signed up for the full six-round series.


The 32-year-old from Ipswich will form part of a two-man Tru7 Honda team aboard a 250. This won’t be his first foray into the indoor racing ring though. He contested the first Arenacross back in 1999 in Exeter, where he won the 65cc class ahead of a young Tommy Searle.

Talking about his upcoming return to the motocross ring, Nicholls said: “I’m really pleased to be involved with Arenacross next year. I’ve wanted to engage with it for a number of years but could never fit it in around my racing commitments.

“However, I’m now at a stage of my life where I can be open to different things and feel Arenacross is a great opportunity to showcase the sport as well as, perhaps, get through to the younger generation that it’s important we all do this indoor stuff. I do feel I missed out on a skill set in my career by not doing a series like this. I raced Arenacross in 1999, but never did one again.

“I think it really needs to become part of the British motocross and supercross scene, then hopefully the youth racers will see what we’re up to and want a piece of it. Equally, I’m looking forward to racing with a lot of guys I’ve grown up racing with since the age of six or seven. It should be good fun and it will be great to go to the different stadiums and experience the atmosphere.”