Monster Energy Supercross legend Ricky Carmichael believes the momentum is with red-plate holder Cooper Webb and the return to a stadium will suit him as the series enters its final two races at Salt Lake City.

The Red Bull KTM rider has a 16-point lead with 52 on the table, so he needs to take ten points out of Honda’s Ken Roczen to wrap up the title this evening.

“Anything is possible, there was a swing where Ken Roczen made up nine points in Atlanta. So who’s to say that Cooper Webb can’t make up 10 points here tonight,” said Carmichael.


“But that’s why we tune in and that’s what’s been so exciting and exhilarating about this season no doubt about it.

“I think with being back in the stadium, it is going to suit Cooper Webb’s style and what he’s all about. Clearly, he was struggling in Atlanta, so I think momentum’s on his side, especially coming off of that win.

“You can’t control what Ken’s going to do for the most part. You go out, you execute, get good starts, do the same thing you’ve been doing all season long. You play the long game at this point.

“Then if you see yourself out in front and things start looking like it’s going to happen and you’re going to win the championship, then you just gotta stay focused and let everything else that’s going to happen, let happen behind you.

“Because if you’re out in the lead, you can’t control what’s happening behind you. So it’s big picture and if it happens, great, if not, then it goes on to the final round.”