We were all very sad to hear of the death last Wednesday of long-time TMX correspondent and all-round good guy Terry Warren after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. He was 79.
Here his brother and MXGP commentator Roger pays tribute…
‘Born and bred in Hampshire, Tel’s love of motorcycles came from his father who had a succession of what are now considered classic British bikes. As a teenager, he cycled the 40 miles each way to Thruxton to watch his heroes such as Geoff Duke.
‘As soon as he turned 16 he began scrambling, borrowing dad’s only form of transport for work to compete.
‘He would ride to the event, remove the headlight, number plates etc and race before reassembling the bike and then riding home hoping he had not caused too much damage.
‘He then progressed to a series of iconic bikes including a BSA Goldstar, a Metisse, a 400cc Husky and several Cheneys – paid for by working part-time for Eric Cheney – before finishing up on a CCM, a bike that he still owned up until his death.
‘When in his early 20s he became friends with Jerry Scott and was due to mechanic for Jerry on the GP trail when a racing accident claimed the life of this future star.
‘Never quite making Expert status, Terry continued racing well into his 40s – always with the No.81 plate – and made each weekend a family outing for his wife Joan and two young daughters. When eventually he gave up racing he turned to reporting, becoming the southern area correspondent for the fledgling TMX.
‘Every Sunday he would rush to several events, usually including a motocross and a couple of club trials. ‘Then he would retreat to his office at home to type up the reports and print the photos in his home-made darkroom before posting the lot off to Morecambe ready for Tuesday deadline.
Always a character who was not afraid to tell a few home truths, he had a tempestuous relationship with former TMX Editor Bill Lawless with Terry either resigning or being sacked on a regular basis.
‘With the death of his wife, Terry threw himself into reporting, covering everything from club trials to full-blown national events.
‘He never lost his genuine love for motocross in particular but the dreaded Alzheimer’s forced him to give up reporting in the early noughties.
‘The disease gained a hold, meaning that Terry left his beloved house in the Hampshire countryside to reside in a rest home where he remained until his death.
‘Terry leaves behind his two daughters plus brothers Chris and Roger. Funeral details to follow.’
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