FIM MXoN heads to Mantova this September but without Team USA after the AMA announced it will not be sending riders to compete.

Travel restrictions due to Covid is the principal reason, according to AMA bosses, but the financial risks that go with it are also a contributory factor.

“A number of issues have contributed to the logistical difficulty of attending the 2021 Motocross of Nations, on both an individual and team level, and these have been exacerbated greatly by current and expected COVID-19 mitigation efforts surrounding the event,” explained AMA Director of Racing Mike Pelletier. 


“Due to the sizeable financial risk faced by all the team stakeholders, and the unknowns in play here, we came to the unanimous conclusion that suspending our participation was the responsible decision.”

While the future is largely unpredictable as the pandemic is changing day to day, Pelletier says the AMA is planning a return to the race in 2022. 

“The AMA takes great pride in our efforts to compete in the Motocross of Nations each year, and we hope to return to the Motocross of Nations in 2022,” he continued. “As we look forward to competing again in 2022, it’s our goal to bring back the Chamberlain Trophy to the US once again.”