Crendon FastTrack Honda rider Jake Nicholls stormed back to victory at Canada Heights yesterday for round three of the MX Nationals.

After grabbing a second overall at his return and first race of the championship season, Nicholls still showed speed and aggression despite recovering from a broken shoulder.

“It’s so nice to be back on the national scene, under the awning with the team representing again at national level. I really enjoyed myself,” said Nicholls.


‘I was definitely riding a bit tense and not really relaxed on the bike all weekend, but I was pleased with the results I got. I was a bit frustrating as I’m chasing bike set up but I was just determined to do well.
“I had really good starts apart from the last race where I had to come through some traffic. It was the first time I had to really overtake other riders and I think I rode the best in that race. I just had a great weekend and it’s great to be back.”