ASA United GasGas rider Steven Clarke grabbed some great results at this weekends MX Nationals Championship, with a seventh overall in the fastest 40.

Clarke explained to DBR how his weekend went post race.

“Yesterday I was not the best qualified, said Clarke.


“I went out in the first race creeped around the inside of the first turn in about third or fourth and then the second race I just went round the outside of everybody into the lead and I pretty much rode an easy race.”

“John was a couple of seconds behind me and he didn’t catch me so I just kind of rode an easy one. Second race yesterday it was a bit of a nightmare. I had a bit of a bike malfunction, going out on the first lap, and it just sort of made me tip over a couple of times no major crashes and it was nothing like mechanical it was just a bit of water in connectors which meant I had a pretty crap yesterday.”

“Then sunday, I got took out in the first turn, which is no fault of my own just domino effect from the inside and come from dead last up to I think I was the sixth 250 after about four or five laps and then got together with another rider and ended up in the fence.”

“By the time I got up out of that I was dead last again so I just called it a race. And then the last one it was good, not the best start but it could have been worse. You know when I just come around, I think I was about fifth or sixth again and I made my way up into second or third, then I had a bit of a ding dong with Brad Todd as he was just rolling around on the pegs and just decided he wanted to race me so I put him on the floor and carried on.”

“I lost a bit of my rhythm there but you know I come good towards the last two or three laps and made a few passes on to third. So, I made some good suspension changes for the day and onto Blaxhall.”

PC – Nuno Laranjeira