Revo Seven Kawasaki’s Dylan Walsh is facing a battle to be fit for this weekend’s Canada Heights MXGB round after a massive crash.

Walsh crashed heavily and at speed in the second half of yesterday’s first ‘Fastest 40’ moto at the FatCat MX Nationals opener, causing the race to be red-flagged

“Dylan’s crash was a full-on Cooper Webb job,” said team principal Mark Yates. “Along the pit straight there was a load of rollers and he must have hit a kicker.


“We’re talking 40mph, pinned in third on a 450. He was on the front wheel over two rollers with the throttle bouncing off the rev-limiter before he went over the bars and the bike drove him into the ground.

“The bike must have then gone another 30 feet down the track and ended up on the start straight. It’s totally, utterly destroyed.

“Fortunately, nothing’s broken but he’s got a haematoma and swelling from what the doctor said must have been a very heavy impact. He’s going to be very sore but he’s a tough lad.”

Image: Nuno Laranjeira