Multiple Weston Beach Race winner and Yamaha France professional rider Todd Kellett got stuck into the MX Nationals Fastest Forty last weekend, grabbing a podium finish.

Speaking to DBR post race with ice cream in hand, he said: “The circuit’s been really gnarly, I came up here looking for sand and there’s not a lot of sand left, it’s gone real hard it’s almost like sand stone now.

“It’s not really something i’m used to! the last time I came to FatCat was 2019 for the British Championship, and just practising here since no racing. It was nice to come along for some fun, no pressure so I’m really pleased.


“I was quite concerned about going in with the MX2 boys, luckily I got two good starts so it didn’t really affect me, but for now I’m quite happy racing the 450 guys all the time and I actually think it’s better for the 250 guys, maybe the experts would have a different opinion I’m not sure.”

Image: Nuno Laranjeira