Cab Screens Crescent Yamaha rider Harri Kullas was untouchable at the first round of the MX Nationals Championship at the weekend.

The Estonian rider made a clean sweep of all the feature races, taking four wins against current and former GP riders at FatCat.

Speaking to DBR, Kullas explained how the weekend went for him.


“I’m feeling good. It was a pretty rough at the first two rounds at the British Championship, so we didn’t know what this should be like,” said Kullas.

“I know I should be like in front but obviously it was really good weekend the first meeting of the MX Nationals. We struggled with starts early in the season. So I got first three races a hole-shot so that made life much easier, I struggled a little bit my arms this weekend.

“The track was just really strange, you know like, if I wouldn’t say it was really rough. I mean, obviously it was bumpy but not like really bad, but it was just like, really strange bumps so I had to like, slow it down a little bit to have the flow. I think, but anyway like I think everyone’s struggled.

“Saturday was an easier day and going into Sunday I knew Conrad was fast. So anyway, he also has good fitness, but I think I had a little bit more fitness! So I mean anyway like we had good race I was looking forward to that, you know, to fight with him.

“It was good to follow a little bit like a few laps he passed me and then I was able to pass him back and to be in the last race so. So yeah, obviously it’s good to have four wins for our team.”