Monster Star Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin is fully recovered from the shoulder injury that wrecked his Supercross season and hopes to lock in a 2022 450 seat with a good showing outdoors.

Martin crashed out of round one and is determined to prove he is capable of making a move into the premnier class.

I would love to be able to have a good showing here in the outdoors to lock in a 450 ride. That would be the ultimate goal,” said Martin.


“A lot of people, if I’m being honest, don’t question me about my outdoor riding or any of that stuff, what they want to see is a 250 championship and a really good season.

“I think that’s kind of the last piece of the puzzle that I’m really kind of looking for, or other people that are in a position to give me a 450 ride are kind of looking for. For me, I was obviously injured this year and I didn’t get to show anything.

“So now the focus is on the outdoors and we’ll just try to make the best of that and see what happens, hopefully, I can get a ride somewhere.

“It’s been fun to get back on the Yamaha. I’ve been back home in Minnesota doing a lot of riding and just to see the difference in lap times from what I was doing on the Geico bike.

“Obviously I was really fast and there was a good gauge there, but now to come back and to be on this bike andMa see the difference in speed and the amount of I guess you could say effort it takes to continue to go that speed has been very cool to see.

“I’m comfortable so it’s kind of time to try to make something happen on this Yamaha because I haven’t done anything yet this year, I’ve just been patiently waiting to be able to race.”