Rockstar Husqvarna’s Dean Wilson has called time on his 2021 season as he continues to battle the Epstein-Barr virus.

The Scotsman had a decent outdoors, notching up some top-ten finishes, but has now decided to focus on getting healthy.

“Well, not the news I wanted to put out but for my well being it’s the best case,” said Wilson. “I as well as the team have decided to take time off due to the EBV virus I have been battling all summer.


“I showed up and pushed through it each race but there comes a point you will keep digging yourself a deeper hole.

“Even though I was cranking out top 10s I was still nowhere I should be. But anyways going to take this time to rest and get my energy/blood levels back where they need to be. Thank you all for the support.”

EBV commonly causes mononucleosis which leaves you feeling fatigued and sometimes with an enlarged spleen as well as flu-like symptoms.