Monster Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac is somewhat baffled by his sudden return to form during the third Lucas Oil Pro Motocross round at High Point where he bagged the race-two win and third overall.

After picking up sixth in the opening moto, Tomac and team-mate Adam Cianciarul0 both battled for the holeshot, which led to the Monster Energy Kawasaki duo making quick work of the lead riders and began pulling away.

Much like the first moto, Cianciarulo was out front early and building a comfortable gap ahead of the rest of the field, but his pace this time wasn’t enough to keep the three-time 450 class champion behind him.


Tomac chased down Cianciarulo and, after a brief back-and-forth battle, the Colorado native blitzed the back section of the Pennsylvania track in famous Tomac style, wide open, to pass his teammate and take over the lead. From there, Tomac was in a league of his own and rode away comfortably to collect his first moto win of the season,

“I went to round one with something else, suspension-wise and general chassis stuff. So that one I’m like well maybe we missed it, but the second race right, I had what I had today,” said Tomac, speaking at the track.

“So I don’t know what was going on. I was getting tight in those other motos so I don’t know if I had something going on with my body that way, but now back to normal feeling, at least moto two today, I could do what I wanted to do.”

The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider looked aggressive as he made his way around teammate Cianciarulo for the lead in the second moto, admitting he was different from the first five motos, but also saying he really enjoyed the track at High Point.

“Totally, I was like a whole different guy and I don’t even really know why,” he continued. “Other than like I said just putting myself [in a good] track position early.

“I thought the track was really good this week, it was one of the best High Point’s in my opinion [in terms of] moisture in the track and just how it was prepped.

“I went and looked at it and I was like, ‘Dang this track looks sweet’ and it turned out that way. Had some fun stuff on it, the dozer berm like we talked about, and the whole thing shaped up, in my opinion, the right way between rough enough and technical enough but not a total mess in the morning.”