Monster Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac continues to be baffled by his form in the opening race of the last three Lucas Oil Pro Motocross weekends.

Tomac hasn’t performed to standard in the first race for the past three races but then come good in moto two.

“The second moto has been great. I look back at the last three weeks and I’m just like, what’s been going on in moto one?” said Tomac, speaking at the track,


I haven’t totally figured it out yet, other than maybe it’s a little bit of start position for the past two weeks, but this week there was no excuse. I started almost in the same spot as moto two and was able to come through.

“I don’t know, I made a little bike change between one and two today, but I was talking to some people earlier and I was like, I don’t really know if it did all that.

“Gotta figure something out, maybe a little bit of start position. At least I’m getting one of those wins in there but the way I’ve been riding the second moto, I want that overall but moto one’s not cutting it.”

Currently, Tomac sits third overall, 57 points behind Dylan Ferrandis in the standings with the season pretty much half over when this weekend’s Spring Creek race wraps.

“I like Spring Creek, it’s a good track. All these tracks, Southwick, RedBud, Millville, are all tracks I’ve been looking forward to. Even Washougal, we only got half of those last year.

“I’m excited to go back, it’s just one of those tracks that’s just different, you’ve got the sand on one half and the normal clay on the other side. So for the most part I like it.”