Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series leader Dylan Ferrandis was forced to ride well within himself in the second Southwick moto after his 450 started smoking.

The Monster Star Yamaha man was in a fight with Eli Tomac and pushing hard, which he thinks caused the as-yet-undiagnosed problem.

“I still don’t know. I asked the team to tell me, because it’s going to be really important to know for the future,” said the Frenchman.


“I was just pushing the bike too much and not being too smooth and just using too much of the clutch and revving the bike. So, the bike just gets too much heat.

“After that I don’t know, we still don’t know right now but for sure we’ll know in the next few days. it’s important for us to know in the future so if this happens again to know how long we can go with the bike that smokes.”

“I feel like I could have come back on Ken and try to challenge him in the last lap. So for sure, I was pretty frustrated about that. Also I was a little frustrated because I had a small crash, so yeah without the small crash maybe I could have passed Ken, I don’t know.

“The team asked me four laps before the end to slow down and just secure the P3, and I was not really listening. I wanted to get back to the front and try to pass Ken, but yeah in the end they were pushing for me to slow down that I had no choice but to listen and to do it.

“For sure it was safer for the bike but we kind of don’t know with the 450 how far we can go in that condition. So yeah I was for sure frustrated because of me, because of not leaving everything out on the track.”