Twisted Tea Suzuki rider Max Anstie had a mixed bag of results at RedBud at the weekend, grabbing a sixteenth overall on the day.

It was an up and down day for Max Anstie. In the first moto, Max was forced to pull into the mechanic’s area for a few laps due to a broken wheel. In the second moto, Max raced spectacularly, riding in top ten for most of the race until the final two laps where a mistake forced him off the track. Anstie finished in eleventh place in the second moto and placed sixteenth overall on the day. 

“Rough day at Red Bud,” said Max Anstie, “The second moto was a positive takeaway for me. I finished eleventh and was in top ten for most of the moto. In the first moto I blew my tire out on LaRocco’s leap and had to come in the pits for a few laps.”


The next round for the team will be at Southwick this weekend, July 10.