Monster Kawasaki’s Cameron Mcadoo has been indefinitely ruled out of Lucas Oil Motocross action after breaking his leg at Fox Raceway’s season opener.

Mcadoo collided with another rider in the second moto and went down, snapping off the top of his tibia.

“This is definitely not the news I would like to have, and very hard to accept as there is so much work put in to prepare for the season as a rider and team collectively,” said McAdoo.


“Unfortunately on Saturday in moto two, I came together with another rider and ended up landing with my knee straight out.

“I knew right away that something wasn’t right.n I got the results back today and my ACL pulled and fractured the top of my tibia bone off.

“I will be getting it fixed next week and begin the process of working to get back healthy. Thank you all for the support through the good and bad. We’ll be back.”