US-based Brit Max Anstie is back on the injured list after suffering a collapsed lung while practising but the good news is that the 27-year-old is expected to make a full recovery and, according to his HEP Suzuki team, could be back training within a couple of weeks.
Earlier in the year Max underwent Achilles surgery and this latest injury is the result of an existing medical condition that’s not uncommon among athletes.
Max explained what has happen via his Instagram page.
‘I was out riding last week, literally felt great. Didn’t crash, didn’t do anything. Got off the bike, no over jumping, no nothing, got off the bike, was talking to my team about the bike, about random stuff, and all the sudden I felt like I was getting stabbed in the chest and in my back. Anyway, it ended up being that my lung collapsed randomly.
‘The doctor said I have these air blebs, like blisters on my lungs. They said it’s common in athletic males. They said, as I’ve grown and trained at a younger age, my chest has grown and stretching my lungs and caused these blisters.’
Max punctured a lung racing the MXGP series last year but says doctors have ruled out a link between this and his latest medical issue.