Jett Lawrence and Michael Mosiman continued their handbags at dawn antics at the Salt Lake City Monster Energy Supercross round.

Lawrence branded the Red Bull GasGas rider as ‘brainless’ after the pair tangled in the final throes of the 250SX main event, although neither went down.

“I passed him clean and in that next turn he kind of came and felt like was going to T-bone me. Luckily I committed, so over the finish-line, I showed him that he was number one and left it at that,” said the Honda man.


“Now you guys understand why I took him out at Houston. If you don’t bump him and make sure you get a gap on him, he goes for your front wheel – he’s just that type of dumb rider.

“As you saw, I passed him clean, didn’t do anything dirty and he goes straight for the almost T-bone, could have ended my night and, even worse, both of our nights and I could have been injured. It shows how brainless he is.”