Last year Ricky Carmichael visited the UK for his RCU, which as we reported in DBR, it was a big success. TooFast Films were on hand to film and they got some cracking footage of the legend. While he was there, Ricky did a lap of FatCat with a GoPro attached, so out of interest we thought how would his time compare to Nathan Watson’s.

This edit from TooFast compares the two laps side by side. Who would come out on top? Now bare in mind that Ricky most likely didn’t think about the time on his lap so we won’t know how hard he was pushing and to be fair to Nathan, the same can be said about his own lap too.

On top of that the laps were on different days and you can see the lines are very different on each of the tracks. So it’s a bit of fun on a slow afternoon. Hope you enjoy…