Brit rider Max Anstie has had a rough ride these past few months over in the USA, with his supercross team folding and no ride on the table, he has given an update for the start of the outdoor MX season.

Posting an update to his social media, Max said the following below:

“It’s crazy how life goes… a part of me has felt really weird not riding and racing these last few weeks but spending time with my boy and family has been a blessing.”


“That being said I have a plan, I’m excited about what I have in place for the future but it means I won’t be racing the first few rounds of @ProMotocross! You will see me out there soon enough though and on a new colour. Will keep you all posted in the next couple of weeks.”

With rumours flying round of the brit bagging a factory Kawasaki ride, it will be exciting to see what he ends up with for the season remainder.