HRC’s Ken Roczen had a rough start to last weekend’s Oakland supercross round, finding himself in sixth one lap in, and a pass attempt resulted in a crash before the finish, dropping him to sixteenth.

“Not really much to say about Oakland.’ explained Ken. “I feel like the day already started off kind of weird and we weren’t really feeling that great on the track, but we did the best we could. Chase and I went down pretty dang hard in the last qualifying practice.”

“I got really lucky that nothing worse happened, as Chase kind of used my head as a whoop! It all happened so quickly and it was ultimately just me going down and falling into the wrong spot. The heat race was decent; I got second there. Going into the night show I put everything aside and tried to stay calm.”


“We got off to a decent start, but I was probably around fourth or fifth and just struggled in the whoops; we’re just not good enough in them and we have to get better. That was a spot that bit me again, and after that there really wasn’t that much I could do. I finished 13th, but I’m going to keep my head up and charge hard again next weekend.”