Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha’s Christian Craig had some tough luck at this weekend’s supercross, getting cleaned out by Vince Friese early in the second moto.

Craig had a good start to the day was third in qualifying on the first larger football stadium-style track of the season. It was a familiar sight for fans as the first main event gate dropped, with the red plate holder quickly moving to the front and checking out to finish the race with a 14-second lead.

Ready to do it again, Craig got another good start but was just behind in second during the first few sections. As he was about to take the lead, another rider collided with him, sending him off the track. He remounted in last but put in a championship-worthy ride to come back to fourth. Determined not to let the second main define his night, Craig came out with another amazing start to lead wire-to-wire in the third main event, scoring a 1-4-1 to finish second overall.


“It was a crazy day for sure.”- explained Craig. “I always like these Triple Crowns because I feel like I’m good at that format with the shorter races and being able to sprint away.”

“After the first one, I was smiling because I felt like this could be a sweep and extend my points lead. I think everyone saw what happened in the second main, I got taken out by another rider. I was really mad about it, pretty sour actually, just because of where it happened and how it happened.”

“I had to rebound from that and somehow got back to fourth from last. Then I got back out there for the last one and pulled the holeshot, and got another win. The 1-4-1 wasn’t quite enough for the overall win, but we’re close, and I think I put a stamp on how I’m riding. So I just need to keep doing what I’ve been doing.”