Following a collision with Christian Craig, Dylan Ferrandis has been put on a 12-month probation period with a threat of a fine if he breaks any rules during that time.
Ferrandis announced the punishment on his social media account and at the same time apologised to Craig. “First win at the Angel Staduim last night… crazy night and race, gave absolutely everything I had to the finish.
“Unfortunately I had this racing incident with Christian Craig that make both of us crash during the Main Event, I want to apologize to him and I hope he’s not injured, definitely not the way I wanted to pass him.
“Racing is never easy, specially when you dedicated your whole life to win and you had a 15min race to do it, sometime the decision we take are not the smarter… The AMA gave me a 12 months probation with fine if I violate a rule in my probation period.
“Head down and back to work,” said the 250SX champion.
Reaction from Supercross fans has largely condemned the Frenchman’s collision with Craig and Ferrandis is suffering some series hate on his social media at the moment.
We have not seen any confirmation of the probation from the AMA.
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