A letter released today reveals that Brian Moreau is receiving love and support from his family and the people close to him in Supercross. They are waiting with hope in their hearts at his hospital bedside after his terrible Tampa Supercross crash.
In his first professional SX event in the US, Brian suffered a major crash during Tampa’s Free Practice session at Round Seven of the AMA Supercross Championship.
After being looked after by the Alpinestars medical crew he was taken to the local hospital and received surgery to repair a fractured vertebra in his neck, before being placed in the Intensive Care Unit.
The following day, the Moreau family released an update via social media that explained the injury and that the doctors would need to wait several days before they would know more about his condition.
Today Brian Moreau’s father released a letter – first published on LeBigUSA’s website – which offers an update on Brian’s condition:

“Thank you for all the attention you have for Brian … For the news first, I must say that Mathilde Musquin is great in this race. She manages the situation in an incredible way. He’s a guardian angel for Brian. Marvin of course is also concerned about Brian. He came to see him and supports him. Their support for Troy Lee Designs, KTM and RedBull is also flawless. Tyler the manager is also continuously at his bedside. Brian’s mom arrived in Tampa on Monday evening with her little sister. Brian is therefore surrounded by everyone.
“As far as the hospital is concerned, the staff have been very responsive since Saturday since it had not yet happened that several doctors were waiting for Brian. They were already aware of his condition. They made it a priority by freeing up, for example, the scanner room, etc. so Brian can get to the block as quickly as possible. Regarding his injury he still does not move his legs but today he has found some small sensations in his back compared to yesterday. It gives us a heart full of hope. We are all with him and we believe in him. Good evening and thank you again for Brian.”

Update February 20, 20:14 GMT:
Via MotocrossMag, Brian’s manager Gerard Vallat offered a further injury update today:

“When he [Brian] arrived in the operating room, he moved his upper body but had no feeling in his legs. The spinal cord was compressed but not cut. It is now necessary to wait until the blood discharge has disappeared and the pressure on the spinal cord decreases. This can take around 10 days. Now we have to wait to know the possible developments.”

Update February 22, 09:40 GMT:
Road2Recovery has opened a support page for Brian Moreau with a goal to raise $200,000 for the young Frenchman.
The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider received surgery on February 15 to repair a fractured vertebra in his neck and he is in stable condition.
With Brian’s long stay in ICU, the donation page reveals that medical costs are expected to be high even after taking into account his insurance cover.
Moreau’s cause page requests that you leave positive messages for him and if possible make a donation – you can find the page here.
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