Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner suffered another broken collarbone in Texas last weekend, after a collision with HRC Honda’s Jett Lawrence he has confirmed.

Taking to his social media after the event, Forkner confirmed that he suffered a break in the same collarbone he damaged last season.

“Well, collarbone is broke.. but after watching how hard I hit I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.” explained Forkner. “Same one from last year just broke around the plate and threw a couple screws. I knew it was broken as soon as I got up. I’ve just been dreading making the post about it, but I guess here it is.”


“You know, I really was trying to make changes this year to my riding and my mentality to be ok with not being the fastest guy at every race, or settling for a third or a fifth at times so I would be at every race and make it to the end of the season. And if that left me with a championship then great, but if not then so be it. But that’s why this sport is so damn tough because sometimes none of that matters and things just happen. Anyways, it is what it is. I do really appreciate all the support from everyone, it means a lot. I’ll be back.”

You can view the coming together with Lawrence below: