Chaos in the pits this weekend as Rocky Mountain ATV / MC terminated its contract with Forest Butler, the owner of the team of the same name for breach of contract.

It shouldn’t change anything for the upcoming SX races and the Outdoor Championship this summer, but the reality is a bit more complicated. In St Louis, the semi-trailer is parked in the pits but apart from the driver and the two pilots, no one has made the trip to Missouri, exhausted from waiting for salaries that do not arrive. 

The bikes of Shane McElrath and Brit rider Max Anstie are dismantled from certain parts by suppliers whose invoices have never been paid.


” I’m getting off the plane ,” said Max. “I learn that my mechanic did not come and that my motorcycle is in spare parts. I’m disgusted.”

“Same thing for Shane who prefers not to comment on the situation. In the end, three pilots and a dozen employees are on the floor. It’s sad.”

Max Anstie, Shane McElrath, and Joey Savatgy are all left looking for rides for the remainder of 2022.