The results of FIM fuel tests carried out at RedBud during the 2018 MXoN (Motocross of Nations) have been released today with one test found as non-conforming.

In accordance with the 2018-1 FIM Technical Rules Motocross (Art.63.04 and 63.05), fuel was tested from eight riders motorcycles, including all three Team USA riders, two from Team Italy, including nine-time world champion Tony Cairoli and Michele Cervellin, Jeremy van Horebeek from Team Belgium, Jordi Tixier, who was a late draft for Team France and Team Australia’s Hunter Lawrence.

Michele Cervellin from Team Italy is the only rider to be found as non-conforming, the consequence of which is that the entire Team Italy has been disqualified from RedBud 2018 Motocross of Nations. No appeal has been received from Team Italy within the required deadline, as such the decision of Race Direction is final.


2018 Motocross of Nations (Red Bud, United States) FIM Fuel Tests were taken from the following motorcycles:

  • Mr BARCIA #27 (United States)
  • Mr VAN HOREBEEK #12 (Belgium)
  • Mr CERVELLIN #20 (Italy)
  • Mr TOMAC #25 (United States)
  • Mr TIXIER #3 (France)
  • Mr PLESSINGER #26 (United States)
  • Mr LAWRENCE #17 (Australia)
  • Mr CAIROLI #19 (Italy)

With the disqualification of Team Italy, Team Netherlands moves up to second place in the rankings and Team Great Britain find themselves with a medal in third place. Team GB will now go to the Netherlands later this year with #7, 8 and 9 once again.

“With the way we rode I felt we deserved the podium so I’m made up for the boys,” Team GB Manager, Mark Chamberlain told us. “They’re going to reissue the medals and correct the prize money and we’ll be going to Holland with the same numbers.”

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