Monster Yamaha’s Glenn Coldenhoff aims for victory this weekend at the Turkish track of Afyon for the first weeekiend of a MXGP double header.

After struggling due to sickness across the last few rounds, the Netherlands native still remains positive looking towards the Turkish races.

“I think after Maggiora we had a good feeling and I felt good, and I felt strong,” said Coldenhoff. “Then Lommel, I expected big things there and it went the other way. I made a mistake by myself in the start in the first race and then I crashed by myself in the first lap of the second race.


“I felt like my pace was off there and usually I am strong there, but this time it was really tough and not a good GP for me. Before Latvia, it is a race I normally do very well, I have won two GP’s there in 2015 and 2020. So, I was looking forward to it, and I got a bit sick on the Thursday and I would say I wasn’t the fittest and I am still not 100% now.

“I started pretty good, a good start and I was feeling okay, but after 20 minutes I felt very tired and I didn’t feel good and Tony passed me, then Febvre passed me and finally Jonass passed me.

“If you are not 100% in this class, then you see the result. I got on the pit board plus twenty seconds In Latvia and I decided to cruise the race out and get okay results. Considering the sickness, it was tough, but I tried to do better in the second race.

“I always give 100% and I am always really fit and can push until the end, but this time the sickness I got took me bad and I felt I could be okay for the second race, but just a few laps in we had technical issues and I got a DNF. We are not happy about that, but things just didn’t go my way in Latvia. We will turn that around.”