MXFontaracing Syneco Kiara Fontanesi shot to victory in the opening WMX Moto in Turkey, despite a shaky start for the Italian.

Multiple world champions GasGas’s Kiara Fontanesi and Bike IT Kawasaki’s Courtney Duncan shot out the gate for the opening WMX moto of the day in Turkey, with both of them banging bars off the start, as the German rider Larissa Papenmeier took and early lead before Duncan made the pass.

Duncan lead for a quarter of the race as Fontanesi charged through the pack making passes on Yamaha’s Nancy Van De Van and Papenmeier, as once again Fontanesi and Duncan battled it out between them with eventually the Italian pushing her way to front to win with a six second lead.


Championship leader Shana Van Der Vlist however grabbed a solid sixth position, adding points to her championship lead, just behind Van De Van and Papenmeier.

Top five WMX moto one

18Fontanesi, KiaraITAFMIGASGAS25:15.247120:00.0000:00.0001:54.925454.035
21Duncan, CourtneyNZLMNZKawasaki25:21.169120:05.9220:05.9221:55.449353.79
3274Verstappen, AmandineBELFMBKawasaki25:38.845120:23.5980:17.6761:57.638352.789
485Van De Ven, NancyNEDKNMVYamaha25:39.407120:24.1600:00.5621:56.839553.15
5423Papenmeier, LarissaGERDMSBYamaha25:40.185120:24.9380:00.7781:56.916353.115