MRT Racing team KTM’s Valerio Lata shot to EMX125 moto one victory in trentino, extending his championship lead at the final round of the series.

ASA United GasGas Brit rider Bobby Bruce shot through to grab the moto one Fox Holeshot in Trentino, followed by Valerio Lata and Yamaha rider Ivano Van Erp. Lata then tried to close the gap on Bruce, just as bobby sets the fastest lap of the race so far.

With Bruce, Lata and Van Erp pulling away from the rest of the pack and then getting tangled up in backmarkers, just as Lata and Bruce then touch wheels as Lata takes the lead off Bruce. The next few corners Van Erp then moves up into second place, dropping bruce down the third place.


The duo of Van Erp and Lata scrap it out with two laps to go, chopping and changing around for the race lead, as the pair almost come together over the finish line with Lata just grabbing the race win for the first EMX125 moto.

Your top ten EMX125

3Lata, ValerioITAFMIKTM29:04.551160:00.0000:00.0001:46.377552.455
2432Van Erp, IvanoNEDKNMVYamaha29:04.843160:00.2920:00.2921:46.361752.463
3579Bruce, BobbyGBRACUGASGAS29:22.294160:17.7430:17.4511:46.394552.447
4214Pergel, BenceHUNMAMSKTM29:34.853160:30.3020:12.5591:47.811351.757
533Karssemakers, KayNEDKNMVHusqvarna29:38.570160:34.0190:03.7171:47.685651.818
68Viano, AndreaITAFMIHusqvarna29:41.341160:36.7900:02.7711:47.861751.733
747Reisulis, Karlis AlbertsLATLAMSFYamaha29:42.230160:37.6790:00.8891:48.073751.632
8717Fueri, AlexisFRAFFMFantic29:43.203160:38.6520:00.9731:48.271751.537
9310Puig, VictorESPRFMEYamaha29:44.835160:40.2840:01.6321:49.244551.078
10305Gallego, AntonioESPRFMEGASGAS29:46.698160:42.1470:01.8631:48.994751.195