Red Bull KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings claimed an incredible race two win and the overall result in Trentino, claiming his 97th GP win of his career.

Red Bull KTM’s Antonio Cairoli gets cleared to ride for the second moto, but comes together with another rider going down on the first lap causing the Italian to suffer another DNF on home soil. Herlings and HRC Honda Tim Gajser both go down on the start also, putting them in twelfth and thirteenth on the first lap.

This left the door wide open for JM Honda’s Henri Jacobi to take the lead for the opening few laps with Monster Energy Yamaha’s Romain Febvre right on his tail, as Febvre made the pass into the lead followed by Monster Energy Yamaha’s Glenn Coldenhoff, and a much better start for Ben Watson sitting in fifth early on in the moto.


Herlings wasted no time in charging through the pack as he moved up into third place, and continued to pile the pressure onto the back of Coldenhoff, as Coldenhoff then took over the lead as Herlings saw the gap to make the pass on Febvre to move up into second place.

Amazingly Herlings took over the lead from Coldenhoff and grabbed his 185th race win for the second Moto of the day followed by Coldenhoff and Gasjer.

Your top ten MXGP race two

184Herlings, JeffreyNEDKNMVKTM34:32.192200:00.0000:00.0001:41.155655.163
2259Coldenhoff, GlennNEDKNMVYamaha34:33.646200:01.4540:01.4541:42.1871354.606
3243Gajser, TimSLOAMZSHonda34:34.403200:02.2110:00.7571:40.650655.44
43Febvre, RomainFRAFFMKawasaki34:44.324200:12.1320:09.9211:41.863754.779
591Seewer, JeremySUIFMSYamaha35:03.392200:31.2000:19.0681:42.3621554.512
616Paturel, BenoitFRAFFMHonda35:28.212200:56.0200:24.8201:44.429653.433
7919Watson, BenGBRACUYamaha35:30.269200:58.0770:02.0571:43.978753.665
8226Koch, TomGERDMSBKTM35:37.826201:05.6340:07.5571:44.281853.509
9172Boisrame, MathysFRAFFMKawasaki35:43.448201:11.2560:05.6221:43.997853.655
1092Guillod, ValentinSUIFMSYamaha35:45.860201:13.6680:02.4121:44.489853.403