Yamaha rider Ivano Van Erp shot to overall victory today at round five of the Monster Energy EMX125 championship series at Intu Xanadu Arroyomolinos in Spain.

Spanish RFME GasGas rider Pablo Gutierrez hole shots the second EMX125 moto of the day at the rutty circuit, in front of his home crowd, and is followed by Fantic Rider Valerio Lata as he had a much better start in third place and then moved up into second.

Meanwhile Lucas Coenen crashed out of sixth position, as ASA United GasGas rider Bobby Bruce moved up into fourth place, and started to chase down third place man.


Sacha Coenen Bud Racing Kawasaki rider then lost out on second position due to a mechanical issue with his bike, which saw him DNF. This then moved Gutierrez up to second place and Bruce up to third place, as he then made the pass into second place.

Lata goes on to win the second moto of the day as Lucas Coenen sat in third overall, Bobby Bruce in second overall, and Ivano Van Erp in first overall.

Your top ten EMX125 Moto two

13Lata, ValerioITAFMIKTM30:22.851140:00.0000:00.0002:01.199449.307
2579Bruce, BobbyGBRACUGASGAS30:26.927140:04.0760:04.0762:02.340348.847
3227Gutierrez, PabloESPRFMEGASGAS30:28.662140:05.8110:01.7352:02.060148.96
4432Van Erp, IvanoNEDKNMVYamaha30:31.321140:08.4700:02.6592:02.707448.701
533Karssemakers, KayNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:36.145140:13.2940:04.8242:01.6401249.129
6207Cazal, XavierFRAFFMKTM30:40.045140:17.1940:03.9002:02.763248.679
747Reisulis, Karlis AlbertsLATLAMSFYamaha30:42.141140:19.2900:02.0962:02.465448.798
893Coenen, LucasBELFMBKawasaki/BUD30:44.683140:21.8320:02.5422:02.292848.867
9451Mikula, JuliusCZEACCRKTM30:55.971140:33.1200:11.2882:03.622448.341
10408Smulders, ScottNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:58.576140:35.7250:02.6052:03.549348.369