Team Yamaha rider Ivano Van Erp wins the opening EMX125 moto in spain, ahead of belgian native Lucas Coenen and Edgar Canet at Arroyomolinos.

KTM rider Julias Mikula holeshots the first EMX125 moto of the day and leads the opening lap, as brit rider Bobby Bruce struggled with the start and sat down in tenth position on the opening lap as he starts picking his way through the pack. Valerio lata is way down the pack after making a mistake further and going down.

Spanish GasGas rider Edgar Canet and Mikula battle it out for first place, with it being Canet’s home GP the pressure was on to make the move. Mikola then made a mistake on the rollers which lost him second place and also third place to Bobby Bruce.


Valerio Lata then crashes out hitting a hay bale, just as Van Erp moves up into the lead. Lucas Coenen then moves up into the lead with three laps to go, but it was Van Erp who managed to make the pass and claim the moto one EMX125 race win.

Your top ten EMX125 Moto one

1432Van Erp, IvanoNEDKNMVYamaha30:03.821140:00.0000:00.0002:00.866649.443
293Coenen, LucasBELFMBKawasaki/BUD30:04.152140:00.3310:00.3311:59.6221449.957
3373Canet, EdgarESPRFMEGASGAS30:16.852140:13.0310:12.7002:01.511949.181
4579Bruce, BobbyGBRACUGASGAS30:17.573140:13.7520:00.7212:01.244349.289
5408Smulders, ScottNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:21.489140:17.6680:03.9162:02.013548.978
619Coenen, SachaBELFMBKawasaki/BUD30:26.915140:23.0940:05.4262:01.432249.213
7451Mikula, JuliusCZEACCRKTM30:36.576140:32.7550:09.6612:02.585448.75
833Karssemakers, KayNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:41.541140:37.7200:04.9652:01.991448.987
9207Cazal, XavierFRAFFMKTM30:44.445140:40.6240:02.9042:03.850248.252
1047Reisulis, Karlis AlbertsLATLAMSFYamaha30:46.209140:42.3880:01.7642:02.762448.68