KTM rider Vitezslav Marek stole the race one win on the final corner of the first EMX85 moto at the sandy sardinian circuit in Italy.

BeursPro KTM MX Team Lotte Van Drunen holeshots the first EMX85 moto of the day in Ria Sardo, as she dominates the opening laps on board her pink KTM machine in the deep sand.

Fastest EMX85 qualifier Martins Janis Reisulis starts to put the pressure on the leader with four laps completed, but it was Lotte who maintained the lead they the pair started to pull away from the rest of the pack. Sebastian Leok however drops out of sixth place just making a mistake in one of the deep corners.


Van Drunen started to pull a gap towards the end of the EMX85 moto, with one lap to go Vitezslav Marek tries to make the charge on the young dutch girl as they get tangled up in the backmarkers, but ends up making a mistake letting Lotte pull away but just manages to steal the win away on the final corner.

Your top ten EMX85 riders:

1479Marek, VitezslavCZEACCRKTM25:18.387120:00.0000:00.0002:02.926351.25
2401Van Drunen, LotteNEDKNMVKTM25:18.868120:00.4810:00.4812:03.460451.029
3772Reisulis, Janis MartinsLATLAMSFHusqvarna25:35.656120:17.2690:16.7882:03.403451.052
4574Doensen, GyanNEDKNMVKTM25:49.949120:31.5620:14.2932:07.123449.558
571Zanocz, NoelHUNMAMSKTM25:51.439120:33.0520:01.4902:06.165449.935
6242Gaspari, AlessandroITAFMIHusqvarna26:12.194120:53.8070:20.7552:07.081449.575
7518Van Mechgelen, DouweBELFMBHusqvarna26:25.776121:07.3890:13.5822:07.747349.316
8205Barbieri, MattiaITAFMIGASGAS26:31.163121:12.7760:05.3872:08.451349.046
9738Jaworski, BartoszPOLPZMKTM26:32.531121:14.1440:01.3682:07.799449.296
10424Nordbø, MariusNORNMFKTM26:35.280121:16.8930:02.7492:09.108448.796