FIM European Motocross championship host the EMX85 and EMX65 championship this weekend in Riola Sardo, with Lucas Leok being crowned EMX65 champion.

Dex van der brook leading the way with the holeshot for the second moto of the day in sardinia, with Leok in second position as both of them start to pull away from the rest of the pack.

Meanwhile a battle continued slightly further down the field with Viktor Leppala and Michal Psiuk pushing for third and fourth position, which is where they ended up finishing the moto.


With the pair pulling away from the rest of the pack, it was a battle for the overall win and the championship win, which ended up being Van Den Broek claiming the overall result for the weekend, and Lucas Leok claiming the EMX65 Championship title to round up the second moto.

Your top ten EMX65 riders:

1411van den Broek, DexNEDKNMVKTM18:38.53080:00.0000:00.0002:16.675246.095
2711Leok, LucasESTEMFHusqvarna18:51.53980:13.0090:13.0092:17.710245.748
3577Leppälä, ViktorFINSMLYamaha19:03.91780:25.3870:12.3782:19.371345.203
4729Psiuk, MichalPOLPZMKTM19:21.73480:43.2040:17.8172:20.963444.693
5350Goyer, SlenyFRAFFMGASGAS19:29.55180:51.0210:07.8172:23.405243.932
6602Allas, AstonESTEMFHusqvarna19:42.96481:04.4340:13.4132:24.261243.671
7450Beerens, JenairoNEDKNMVKTM19:50.65981:12.1290:07.6952:26.456543.016
8298Bauer, RicardoAUTAMFKTM19:55.54981:17.0190:04.8902:26.763742.926
9528Maymann, StormDENDMUYamaha19:58.34481:19.8140:02.7952:27.306242.768
1096Tsankov, DaniBULBMFYamaha20:13.67881:35.1480:15.3342:28.576242.403

PC – Kalev Palkov