Factory Fantic team Maddi rider and championship leader Nicolas Lapucci wins the first EMX250 moto of the day at the Pietramurata circuit in Italy.

Flying out the gate to add another Fox Holeshot award to his collection in Pietramurata, Lapucci took at early lead at the Italian circuit, followed by SM Action racing’s Kevin Horgmo just behind him, and the KTM rider Mike Gwerder for the opening lap.

Gwerder then gets cleaned out of fourth position, as the Riley Racing Yamaha rider Cornelius Toendel goes through, as he is then is hunted down by Horgmo as he pushes past into third position. Liamski KTM rider Liam Everts had a great start for the first race, battling with Husqvarna rider Jorgen-Matthias Talviku for sixth position early on in the moto.


Just until Talviku and Honda rider Emil Weckman both come together on one of the tight turns at the circuit, which resulted in both of them going down, and getting completely tangled and both ended up finishing way down the pack.

114 Motorsports Honda Brit rider Joel Rizzi had a great start and pushed through the pack and whilst sitting in eleventh position, the Yamaha rider of Andrea Bonacorsi landed on the back of his bike, unfortunately knocking them both way down the pack.

Lapucci however went on to win the first moto, followed by Kevin Horgmo, Cornelius Toendal claiming third and a fantastic fourth place for Liam everts.

EMX250 Race one top ten

121Lapucci, NicholasITAFMIFantic30:17.994170:00.0000:00.0001:44.830453.229
224Horgmo, KevinNORNMFGASGAS30:32.382170:14.3880:14.3881:45.4181252.932
3302Toendel, CorneliusNORNMFYamaha30:39.982170:21.9880:07.6001:45.871352.706
472Everts, LiamBELFMBKTM30:44.282170:26.2880:04.3001:45.739952.771
5427Fredriksen, HakonNORNMFYamaha30:47.890170:29.8960:03.6081:45.9861252.648
644Elzinga, RickNEDKNMVKTM31:05.246170:47.2520:17.3561:46.956452.171
73Tuani, FedericoITAFMIFantic31:13.976170:55.9820:08.7301:47.140652.081
820Grau, MaximeFRAFFMHusqvarna31:14.496170:56.5020:00.5201:47.0991252.101
9125Weckman, EmilFINSMLHonda31:15.393170:57.3990:00.8971:46.656252.318
1035Bonacorsi, AndreaITAFMIYamaha31:17.283170:59.2890:01.8901:45.5671252.857