Bud Racing Kawasaki’s Lucas Coenen grabbed his first EMX125 moto win today in Italy, for round seven of the European Championship.

MRT KTM Rider and Championship leader Valerio Lata grabbed the Fox Holeshot for this tuesday’s EMX125 moto, ahead of Husqvarna rider Kas Valk, and Lucas Coenan. ASA United GasGas Bobby Bruce followed shortly behind in fourth position, just as Lata made a mistake which allowed Coenen to head up into the lead mid moto.

Bruce then made an impressive pass on Lata to move up into third place, and then also pushes into second position as he made the pass on Valk. It was chaos further through the moto as the top four riders chopped and changed between them both, as Lata moved up into second ahead of Bruce.


It even went right down to the last corner between Bobby Bruce and Yamaha’s Ivano Van Erp, as he barged past Bruce on the last corner to take the third place spot.

However Lucas Coenen went on to claim his first win of the season followed by Lata, and Van Erp rounding up the top three for the first EMX125 moto of the day.

EMX125 Race one top ten

193Coenen, LucasBELFMBKawasaki/BUD29:04.132160:00.0000:00.0001:45.390252.946
23Lata, ValerioITAFMIKTM29:18.194160:14.0620:14.0621:47.905351.712
3432Van Erp, IvanoNEDKNMVYamaha29:20.580160:16.4480:02.3861:46.8341252.231
4579Bruce, BobbyGBRACUGASGAS29:21.150160:17.0180:00.5701:47.272352.017
547Reisulis, Karlis AlbertsLATLAMSFYamaha29:29.368160:25.2360:08.2181:47.510851.902
6717Fueri, AlexisFRAFFMFantic29:29.702160:25.5700:00.3341:48.088851.625
7172Valk, CasNEDKNMVHusqvarna29:36.701160:32.5690:06.9991:46.726152.283
8408Smulders, ScottNEDKNMVHusqvarna29:45.498160:41.3660:08.7971:49.5291550.945
9451Mikula, JuliusCZEACCRKTM29:52.770160:48.6380:07.2721:49.578350.923
1033Karssemakers, KayNEDKNMVHusqvarna29:54.798160:50.6660:02.0281:47.889451.72