Fantic Factory team Maddii racing rider Nicolas Lapucci grabbed the first EMX250 moto win today in Oss, for round two of the championship series.

Lapucci and GasGas rider Kevin Horgmo came round the first corner together for the opening EMX250 moto and straight through the wave section, as they scrap it out for the opening lap, as Horgmo started to pull away until he made a mistake and dropped down to seventh position allowing Lapucci to take the lead.

The battle for second and third place continued as Jorgen-matthias Talviku made a mistake in the soft loamy sand, dropping his bike which allowed Rick Elzinga to make the charge on race leader, which he makes the pass on Lapucci with four minutes to go.


Talviku went down again further down the field in seventh, which allowed Liam Everts to move up a position and eventually finish a solid fifth. Early race leader Horgmo managed worked his way back through the field, and to finish in fifth.

Lapucci then made the pass with two laps to go as he pulls the pin on Elzinga, shooting through to claim the EMX250 moto one win of the day.

EMX250 R1 top five

PosActPNrRiderNationBikeTimelapsDiff. FirstDiff. Prev.Bestlaptimein lapLastlaptimeLastlap-2Lastlap-3Section 1Section 2Section 3Section 4Last passing
1121Lapucci, NicholasITAFAN31:20.758130:00.0000:00.0002:13.67612:17.9152:15.3012:17.0860:33.9590:33.5190:34.2850:36.152Finish
2244Elzinga, RickNEDKTM31:26.573130:05.8150:05.8152:11.39512:22.3622:17.5592:18.3380:35.0450:33.7360:36.0040:37.577Finish
3324Horgmo, KevinNORGAS31:27.312130:06.5540:00.7392:13.17512:16.0592:15.1552:14.8870:34.4530:33.2690:34.1160:34.221Finish
4435Bonacorsi, AndreaITAYAM31:46.277130:25.5190:18.9652:11.77442:22.8302:18.7012:17.9010:35.4990:34.5940:35.1170:37.620Finish
5572Everts, LiamBELKTM31:55.345130:34.5870:09.0682:13.17312:20.8592:18.8692:18.1310:35.0560:34.1770:34.7630:36.863Finish