SS24’s Shaun Simpson heads to Oss this weekend for the FIM World Motocross Championships, following on from Maggiora last weekend.

We’ve been in belgium for two weeks now, just after Maggiora,” said Simpson. “So we’ve had plenty of time to get to get some things ready as we’ve been doing lots of riding in the sand but we are feeling reasonably confident.”

“There was a massive massive dump of rain last night so training is off the cards today and probably any day before the weekend, as everywhere is just so wet its flooded everywhere in Lommel today. It’s pretty bad but I think the track in Oss has taken quite a bit of rain as well, but should be quite good for Sunday.”


“Definitely feeling more confident with my set up in the sand, and this last couple of weeks has been quite important to get a few things set up and also kind of re-set as well feel like we are in the groove now and ready for races happening every weekend I think we have around twenty now back to back.”

“Were looking to have a good one this weekend in Oss, and then to keep the ball rolling into Locket and then onto Lommel before the next round of the British Championships, everything’s feeling good so we are prepped and ready to go, so only one thing left to do is to send it on the weekend!”

PC – Nuno Laranjeira