BT Racing Team Husqvarna rider Micha Boy De Waal claims his first ever EMX Open class win this weekend in Oss, for round two of the series.

Micha boy De Waal sends the holeshot for the first EMX Moto of the day in Oss, as he grabbed an early race lead. Meanwhile Ken De Dycker sat in fourth position and then pushed to make the move up into third and then into second past DerCourt.

As De Dycker then started to suffer with arm pump this left the door wide open for DerCourt to put the pressure on Ken to make the pass, which he did with ten minutes of the moto left to go.


Krosteam lunardi racing Davide de Bortoli and Joel van Mechelen had a great battle between them for fourth and fifth position with three laps to go, ultimately with Van Mechelen shooting through to finish up in fourth.

Great rides from brit riders Revo Seven Kawasaki’s James Dunn grabbing an thirteenth, followed by Chambers Husqvarna Ben Franklin in nineteenth, as RFX KTM’s Nathan Dixon grabs a decent twenty first place in the first EMX Open of the day.

EMX Open race one top five

1134De Waal, Micha-BoyNEDHUS15:16.237612:13.048
2216Dercourt, NicolasFRAHON15:24.411622:12.596
339de Dycker, KenBELKAW15:27.265612:16.803
44118Van Mechelen, JoelNEDKTM15:31.988622:15.317
554Cambré, JilaniBELYAM15:34.415642:14.195