BT Racing Team rider Micha Boy De Waal claims a double win in the netherlands, his first double win of the championship season.

False start for the second EMX Open moto of the day in Oss, which resulted in a race restart for the full line up of riders in the hot conditions.

De Waal shot out the gate with another holeshot using the outside bank as a berm in the restart, followed by Davide De Bortoli and Nicolas Dercourt. Brit rider James Dunn got a great start in the second moto sitting in the top ten in the first few laps.


Ken De Dycker started to charge through the pack in the second moto, making his way up to seventh with a rough start. But it was the trio of De Waal, DeBortoli and Decourt who continued to push on at the front of the field.

Much better results for the Revo Seven Kawasaki rider James Dunn and the RFX KTM rider Nathan Dixon in the second moto with an eighth and an eleventh, with Chambers Husqvarna rider Ben Franklin placing eighteenth.

EMXOpen Race one top five

PosActPNrRiderNationBikeTimelapsDiff. FirstDiff. Prev.Bestlaptimein lapLastlaptimeLastlap-2Lastlap-3Section 1Section 2Section 3Section 4Last passing
1134De Waal, Micha-BoyNEDHUS31:39.961130:00.0000:00.0002:12.22352:26.3242:22.9822:18.9860:34.1130:35.6450:37.2230:39.343Finish
2243De Bortoli, DavideITAHON31:51.968130:12.0070:12.0072:13.75022:23.5372:21.8202:22.1980:34.4580:34.2460:35.5720:39.261Finish
3316Dercourt, NicolasFRAHON31:57.465130:17.5040:05.4972:13.67922:24.2042:20.1902:21.2390:34.0870:34.5720:37.6160:37.929Finish
44124Ubach, SimeoESPHUS32:25.732130:45.7710:28.2672:15.47412:26.2902:24.4922:23.4290:34.9280:36.2770:36.0850:39.000Finish
55771Croci, SimoneITAHUS32:32.859130:52.8980:07.1272:16.19622:25.3072:21.2902:21.7140:34.7880:35.3310:37.1390:38.049Finish