Fantic Factory Team Maddi’s Cas Valk shot to overall victory at this weekend’s European EMX125 Championship with a two – one scorecard claiming back the championship lead.

EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing heat one, it was Fantic Factory Team Maddii’s Alexis Fueri who led the way ahead of Maximilian Werner, Yamaha Europe EMX125 MJC’s Ivano Van Erp and Laban Alm, as Karlis Alberts Reisulis of Yamaha Europe EMX125 MJC got himself into fourth. His brother, Janis Martins Reisulis also started well in sixth and had the leaders well in his sights.

Werner then came under immense pressure, as Van Erp was pushing to get by. The Dutchman managed a very brief pass, before Werner fought back. At the same moment Karlis Reisulis sensed his opportunity and got by Van Erp. Van Erp then crashed out of third, as Janis Reisulis passed Alm to take fourth. In the meantime, Karlis Reisulis was able to get the better of Werner and put on a charge for the leader, Fueri.


On lap three, Karlis Reisulis was the new race leader, as Fueri suffered a problem with his starting device, which jammed the front of his forks. The Frenchman lost a few positions as Janis Reisulis and Fantic Factory Team Maddii’s Cas Valk also went by. Luckily for Fueri, the issue managed itself fairly quickly and he was able to get back into the race and try to re-group.

On the fifth lap, we saw Janis Reisulis make a pass on Werner and from then on we were treated to a very interesting brotherly battle as the Reisulis brothers, and local heroes, led the race.

Werner then dropped another spot to Valk by the following lap, as Janis Reisulis put on a charge of his brother. Four laps from the end, Janis Reisulis was able to make a pass stick, which saw him become the new race leader.

In the end, Janis went on to win ahead of his brother Karlis, with Valk crossing the line third ahead of Van Erp who put on a strong performance to fight back to fourth ahead of Ferruccio Zanchi of Yamaha Europe EMX125 MJC’s. In race two, Valk led the way after getting a good start and was followed by Zanchi, Van Erp, Mathias Valin and the two Reisulis brother, Janis and Karlis.

Van Erp was fired up in the first lap to get around Zanchi though came short in the end. At this point Janis Reisulis was looking to join the battle too, as Valk began to pull away and focus on his own race. Van Erp then pushed Zanchi wide, and as a result the Italian lost a couple of positions as Janis and Karlis Reisulis went by. Valk then led by around 2.6 seconds, as Karlis began to take a load of time out of his brother Janis ahead.

On lap six, Karlis passed his brother Janis for third and then a lap later took second from Van Erp, who then had Janis all over his case, as also Zanchi looked to close in. Towards the closing stages of the race, Van Erp looked to get by Karlis Reisulis and as the pair battled on, Zanchi made the most of this opportunity, passing both to come back to second!

Valk ended up winning the race by more than 16 seconds, with Zanchi second and Karlis Reisulis third ahead of Van Erp and Janis Reisulis.

A 2-1 result gave Valk the overall and also allowed him to take back the red plate, while Karlis Reisulis and Janis Reisulis gave the Latvian fans something to cheer about, as they finished second and third on the podium!Valk now leads the championship by 23 points over Fueri, with Karlis Reisulis a further 6 points behind in third.

“Yesterday I struggled a little bit to get my rhythm but today I finally took the holeshot and just had the perfect race, leading the whole heat and then eventually winning with quite a big gap is really nice.” said Valk. “The track was slippery, but I enjoyed it and I’m really happy right now”.