KMP Honda rider Gert Krestinov claims both the EMXOpen race wins in Latvia this weekend, grabbing a full 50 points for the podium top spot.

Micha Boy De Wall goes down on the start of the second EMX Open moto of the day as race one winner Gert Krestinov sits in second for the opening lap, before once again charging through to pack once again.

Davide De bortoli and Krestinov scrapped it out for the first few laps of the second moto of the day until Nicolas DeCourt jumped in the mix, with the three of them all pushing for the lead.


As championship leader De Bortoli sat in third position for the majority of the moto, Tom Koch suffered a mechanical problem with his bike smoking and eventually had to retire out of the second moto losing his fifth overall position.

With two laps to go De Bortoli really put the pressure on DeCourt with only seven points separating them from leading the championship, as Husqvarna rider DeWaal makes the pass on DeCourt almost completely wiping the pair of them out on the last few corners.

Your top ten EMX Open finishers:

137Krestinov, GertESTEMFHonda30:03.612150:00.0000:00.0002:04.750351.655
234De Waal, Micha-BoyNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:10.009150:06.3970:06.3972:05.2581451.446
316Dercourt, NicolasFRAFFMHonda30:14.326150:10.7140:04.3172:05.982951.15
443De Bortoli, DavideITAFMIHonda30:25.706150:22.0940:11.3802:06.024551.133
521Silander, EmilFINSMLGASGAS30:38.289150:34.6770:12.5832:07.562550.517
6115Karka, DovydasLTULMSFYamaha30:42.769150:39.1570:04.4802:07.625250.492
762Lusbo, AnderoESTEMFHusqvarna30:53.595150:49.9830:10.8262:09.057349.931
8831Wysocki, TomaszPOLPZMKTM30:59.213150:55.6010:05.6182:07.848450.404
9771Croci, SimoneITAFMIHusqvarna31:04.426151:00.8140:05.2132:09.479549.769
10243Berggren, EmilSWESVEMOHusqvarna31:06.285151:02.6730:01.8592:09.216849.87

PC – Oliver Pajuri