Infront Moto Racing was among the 2020-2021 FIM Awards which took place at the Sporting Monte-Carlo venue in Monaco, awarding Giuseppe Luongo the FIM Promoter Legend prize for the outstanding work he has carried out.

Giuseppe Luongo started his career as promoter of Motocross at 23 years of age, organising the best International events ever in Italy, then he began promoting the Italian Championship, the Motocross Grand Prix events in Italy, the Motocross of Nations in 1986 in Maggiora, the International Supercup all over Europe, and then he founded the Masters of Motocross.  He grew further as promoter until he became the promoter of the FIM Motocross World Championship in 1997, and since then he has dedicated his life to developing the FIM Motocross World Championship to what we know and see today.  

He has organised more than 600 motocross events covering each of the 5 continents and from the very beginning he worked very hard to bring television and global media attention to motocross, understanding the importance of media in sport. And thanks to that many international partners have been attracted to our sport, making motocross accessible to everyone and bringing it to the fame it has today. This prize is a tribute to Giuseppe Luongo for his dedication and loyalty to motocross and to the FIM. 


Additionally in the last two years, Infront Moto Racing President Giuseppe Luongo has worked tirelessly to deliver two complete and competitive championships under difficult COVID-19 conditions. While motocross along with all sporting events were heavily hit by the coronavirus, Infront Moto Racing were able to overcome numerous obstacles to ensure racing could go ahead and thanks to that the sport world witnesses two incredible title fights, especially the historic championship dispute between Jeffrey Herlings, Romain Febvre and Tim Gajser this year.

Giuseppe Luongo was recognized as FIM Promoter Legend for these efforts and achievements with the FIM President Jorge Viegas excited to deliver the award to his long-time friend, in fact he used special words to introduce Mr. Luongo on stage emphasizing how motocross has improved over the years and how he could be able to make this sport greater.

Infront Moto Racing President Giuseppe Luongo: “Thank you very much Mr President and thank you very much to all of you, because if I receive this today it’s only because of the work we have done together. Thank you to the FIM and thank you to all the riders that have made me dream, from 50 years until today, because this is what has given me the strength to go on. When you work with a partner like FIM, everything will be easy”. 

Infront Moto Racing is thankful to the FIM for their recognition and support and will continue to strive for greatness and improve year-by-year in order to take motocross to new height