Fantic rider Nicholas Lapucci grabs the overall EMX250 win in Teutschenthal, with a 1 – 1 scorecard at the German track.

Factory Fantic rider Nicholas Lapucci holeshots the second EMX250 moto of the day in Teutschenthal, adding another Fox Holeshot to his collection followed by GasGas rider Kevin Horgmo.

Rick Elzinga moved up into third position, until he went over the bars crashing out and losing his position. However further down the field Liam Everts moves up into seventh place, and holds that position for the majority of the moto until me makes the pass on Rick Elzinga to finish in sixth place.


As Horgmo put the pressure onto race leader, Hakon Frederickson crashed out of third position and and ended up finishing way down in 38th position.

This meant Lapucci shot to victory with a double win and the overall result for the weekend.

Your Top Ten EMX250

121Lapucci, NicholasITAFMIFantic30:27.058150:00.0000:00.0001:56.474449.144
224Horgmo, KevinNORNMFGASGAS30:35.678150:08.6200:08.6201:56.759549.024
335Bonacorsi, AndreaITAFMIYamaha30:42.454150:15.3960:06.7761:56.658749.067
427Guyon, TomFRAFFMKTM30:50.171150:23.1130:07.7171:57.541248.698
572Everts, LiamBELFMBKTM30:58.179150:31.1210:08.0081:58.7361048.208
644Elzinga, RickNEDKNMVKTM31:02.048150:34.9900:03.8691:57.111248.877
767Martinez, YagoESPRFMEKTM31:06.465150:39.4070:04.4171:59.389647.944
87Spies, MaximilianGERDMSBFantic31:09.623150:42.5650:03.1581:59.833747.766
9104Sydow, JeremyGERDMSBYamaha31:13.779150:46.7210:04.1562:00.021647.692
10309Farres, GuillemESPRFMEGASGAS31:19.440150:52.3820:05.6611:59.554847.878