Bud Racing Kawasaki’s Lucas Coenen shot EMX125 moto one victory at the Pietramurata circuit, for round eight of the European Championship series.

Coenen grabbed his second Fox Holeshot in a row this weekend at the Pietramurata circuit, followed by KTM’s and current championship leader Valerio Lata. The opening lap chaos continued as Yamaha rider Ivano Van Erp and Yamaha rider Ferruccio Zanchi both went down on the first corner of the opening moto.

ASA United GasGas rider Bobby Bruce flew up into fourth after suffering a rough start to the moto sitting down in ninth, but he started to put the pressure on third place man and Husqvarna rider Cas Valk, with the pair of them swapping and changing around for most of the moto until Bruce eventually made the pass stick.


Towards the end of the moto Lata hits a back marker and goes down, as Bobby hits lata’s bike and also goes down, but manages to get restarted and rejoin the moto in third place. Lata circulated for the rest of the moto with what looked like bike damage, and managed to finish the moto in sixth.

EMX125 Moto one top ten

193Coenen, LucasBELFMBKawasaki/BUD29:23.026160:00.0000:00.0001:47.449251.932
247Reisulis, Karlis AlbertsLATLAMSFYamaha29:39.596160:16.5700:16.5701:48.797451.288
3579Bruce, BobbyGBRACUGASGAS29:39.843160:16.8170:00.2471:48.424351.465
4172Valk, CasNEDKNMVHusqvarna29:44.303160:21.2770:04.4601:48.936251.223
5717Fueri, AlexisFRAFFMFantic29:55.513160:32.4870:11.2101:49.903650.772
63Lata, ValerioITAFMIKTM30:00.800160:37.7740:05.2871:47.933351.699
733Karssemakers, KayNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:03.617160:40.5910:02.8171:50.029650.714
8408Smulders, ScottNEDKNMVHusqvarna30:09.242160:46.2160:05.6251:50.180550.644
9282Rossi, Marc-AntoineFRAFFMKTM30:14.847160:51.8210:05.6051:49.7171450.858
10451Mikula, JuliusCZEACCRKTM30:22.088160:59.0620:07.2411:49.961550.745