Red Bull KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings claimed the first moto victory in Mantova, finishing in front of Monster Energy Kawasaki Romain Febvre to tie on points.

Red Bull KTM Jorge Pradi grabbed added another Fox Holeshot to his collection for the first MXGP moto of the day in Mantova, as Monster Energy Kawasaki Romain Febvre and Monster Energy Yamaha Jeremy Seewer sat in third for the opening lap followed by Red Bull KTM Team mates Jorge Prado and Jeffrey Herlings. 

In true Herlings fashion, he wasted no time in pushing through the pack into fourth, as Prado and Febvre battle out front as he tried to make the pass for the lead. HRC Honda Tim Gajser went with them also, pushing his way into fourth place. 


Red Bull KTM Antonio Cairoli then came together with Jeremy Seewer cleaning them both out, causing Antonio to DNF with a broken gear lever. Herlings then moved up into first place past Febvre and Prado, as the chase continued. 

Herling pulled away from Febvre taking the race win, as Gajser almost Made the pass on Febvre for second position. Everything is up into the air still for the championship win as the herlings and Febvre go into the last race of the season tied on points.

MXGP Top ten Race one

184Herlings, JeffreyNEDKNMVKTM35:20.709180:00.0000:00.0001:55.921551.863
23Febvre, RomainFRAFFMKawasaki35:23.174180:02.4650:02.4651:56.397651.651
3243Gajser, TimSLOAMZSHonda35:23.533180:02.8240:00.3591:56.775751.484
491Seewer, JeremySUIFMSYamaha36:09.193180:48.4840:45.6601:57.121451.332
561Prado, JorgeESPRFMEKTM36:16.871180:56.1620:07.6781:58.109250.902
619Olsen, Thomas KjerDENDMUHusqvarna36:18.080180:57.3710:01.2091:59.221750.427
7172Boisrame, MathysFRAFFMKawasaki36:18.816180:58.1070:00.7361:58.503450.733
8259Coldenhoff, GlennNEDKNMVYamaha36:19.299180:58.5900:00.4831:58.215750.856
9919Watson, BenGBRACUYamaha36:20.784181:00.0750:01.4851:58.629550.679
10189Bogers, BrianNEDKNMVGASGAS36:23.324181:02.6150:02.5401:59.5901250.272